Romanticism from the old Spa times

Naantali Birgitine convent and the nearby tiny village were founded in 1443 on the cape called Ailostenniemi, close to the church bay. Therefore Merisali is located at the place where Naantali was founded.

Kings, bishops and and other prestigious guests have been regular guests since 13th century.
The Russian emperor, Czar Alexander III with his family landed in 1885 exactly at Merisali. There is still a memorial with fountain to tell about this historical event.

Naantali is one of the oldest health sites in Finland. It all started in year 1723, when mineral spring of Viluluoto was founded and it’s healing water became well known and highly valued among patrons.

New spa facility was opened in year 1863.
It was then that Naantali became an internationally popular spa town. First social lounge was built in 1866 and the building which is now known as Merisali was built in 1899.

Naantali is called the second governmental city in Finland. Kultaranta, that was constructed in 1913-16 by Alfred Kordelin, who was called the richest man in Finland, is located just opposite of the bay. Kultaranta has acted since 1920 as summer residence of the presidents of Finland since 1920. The majority of the presidents have also visited Merisali.

The most famous artists have performed at Merisali.

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