Naantali Old Town restaurants Trappi, Trapin Piha and Santala bar & Lounge

Romance of old times spa atmosphere at Restaurant Merisali


Trappi, Trapin Piha and Café Santala

Old Town's Fantastic Trio in the heart of Naantali

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs restaurant Trappi is located in the beautiful Naantali Old Town, close to the Moomin World and the monastery church. Trappi operates in one of Naantali’s oldest buildings. The menu of this cosy restaurant offers dishes from both near and far.

In Trappi’s inner yard you find summer restaurant Trapin Piha.




Romance of old times spa atmosphere

Enjoy the romance of old times spa atmosphere at restaurant Merisali, on the shores of Naantali’s old town, close to the Moomin World. The large summer terrace opens up to great views of the guest harbor and the summer residence of the President of Finland.