Naantali Old Town restaurants Trappi, Trapin Piha and Café Santala

Romance of old times spa atmosphere at Restaurant Merisali

Ruohokari island tour, visit to the authentic Finnish archipelago


Trappi, Trapin Piha and Café Santala

Old Town's Fantastic Trio in the heart of Naantali

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs restaurant Trappi is located in the beautiful Naantali Old Town, close to the Moomin World and the monastery church. Trappi operates in one of Naantali’s oldest buildings and is open year round. The menu of this cosy restaurant offers dishes from both near and far. In December a traditional, Finnish Christmas table is served with almost 100 dishes (2016 price 33,90 eur/person).

In Trappi’s inner yard you find summer restaurant Trapin Piha, where you can enjoy pizza and small dishes whilst soaking up the terrace views of the harbor. In summertime the adjacent Café Santala offers fresh drinks and snacks on the shore. In late autumn restaurant Trapin Piha becomes a winter fairy land with a Laplander’s hut and the cosy Föribaari karaoke bar opens for weekends.





Romance of old times spa atmosphere

Enjoy the romance of old times spa atmosphere at restaurant Merisali, on the shores of Naantali’s old town, close to the Moomin World. The large summer terrace opens up to great views of the guest harbor and the summer residence of the President of Finland. The buffet table has fresh salads, fish, meat and abundance of delicacies on offer. At weekends you can enjoy live entertainment (Mar-Sep, buffet prices from 16 eur/person).

Island tours to Ruohokari and Väski

Visits to the authentic, Finnish archipelago

Ruohokari island tour

Experience the most beautiful archipelago in the world, the authentic Finnish sauna and enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner! The island Ruohokari is located in the immediate vicinity of Naantali Old Town. During the 15 min boat trip you can experience the Finnish archipelago, The Moomin World and the Finnish President’s summer residence from the sea. At the island the host will welcome you and tell about the history of the nearby islands. You can bathe in an authentic Finnish sauna, swim in the sea, participate in playful contests and enjoy a barbeque feast (May-Sep, groups 10+, duration 3 1/2 hours, prices from 60 eur/person).

Väski rowing trips

The trip starts from the shore of the Old Town. During the 15-minute boat ride you will pass by the Moominworld and the Finnish President’s summer residence. At Väski island your host will welcome you and tell you about the history of the area. After the introduction you will set out for the rowing trip. ‘’Beauty’’ is a genuine church boat crafted by the boatmaster of Sulkava, and it needs 14 rowers and a mate. Going is quick and steady. A guided rowing trip lasts 1-2 hours. After the rowing exercise you’ll certainly enjoy bathing in sauna, swimming and barbecuing (May-Sep, groups 10+, duration 4 1/2 hours, prices from 70 eur/person).

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